About Us

UCRS is a unique community owned and run riding school in the beautiful Outer Hebrides

Originally (1974) the stables were set up as an Army Saddle Club to provide riding and tuition for service personnel and their families; this was quickly extended to local residents also. 3 ponies, 3 railway carriages and 2 nissen sheds provided the back bone of the stables.

Over the years more ponies and horses were purchased and with the aid of a Lottery grant an empty swimming pool was made into our indoor school, stables were built and the changing rooms of the pool were re purposed to the setup we have today; providing 9 stables, covered tie up area, club room, heated tack room, store rooms, wash room and toilets. We employ 5 staff and are open all year round.

Situated close to the village of Balivanich, we are centrally based for your island stay.

Locals and visitors alike have flocked to us for years to enjoy the opportunity to ride our friendly horses and participate in the running of our community stables. Supported by our highly trained, enthusiastic staff and our voluntary committee. UCRS provides memories you will not forget.

At present there are 21 horses and ponies of all sizes in the riding school. Whatever your level of experience and riding ability we are here for you, the staff will be able to match you to a suitable mount. To help build confidence, we can offer pony handling sessions, where you can help feed, groom and clean out horses, all under careful supervision.

Supported by:

As a registered charity, we are always looking for ways to bring in funds and sustain ourselves for the leaner months of winter and welcome any suggestions for volunteering, becoming part of our small friendly committee, fund raising and much more. We rely heavily on voluntary work carried out both by adults and by local young people for whom the riding school forms an important part of their learning and social development.